How To Express Possession In Spanish – The Complete Guide

In this lesson, we will talk about the possession in Spanish, how to express it and how to avoid the confusion, followed by examples.

How To Express Possession In Spanish - The Complete Guide

Possessive Adjectives In Spanish

Possessive adjectives are used to indicate to whom or to what a thing/person belongs, and they always come before the owned:

Mi libro – my book

Every personal pronoun has its matching possessive adjective, and the selection of the adjective depends on the gender of the “owned” thing/person, and they must agree in gender and number

Personal PronounsPossessive Adjectives (Masc)Possessive Adjectives (Fem)English
tutuYour (singular)
VosotrosvuestrovuestraYour (plural)
EllassusuTheir (feminine)

Note: to get the plural form, add “s“: mi, mis

Mis libros – my books

If you take a look at the table, you would notice that it’s a bit confusing regarding the “su” thing, try to translate this into English: Su libro

Is it his, hers, its, your or their?

To avoid confusion where it is not clear you can use “de + the matching personal pronoun”

Example: their book – el libro de ellos

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Possessive Pronouns In Spanish

We use the possessive pronouns to avoid repetition: este libro no es mi libro -> este no es el mío

Every possessive adjective has its equivalent pronoun

Yo > mi > el mío / la míamine
Tú > tu > el tuyo / la tuyayours
Él/ ella > su > el suyo / la suyahis, hers, its
Nosotros > nuestro / nuestra > el nuestro / la nuestraours
Vosotros > vuestro / vuestra > el vuestro / la vuestrayours
Ellos / ellas > su > el suyo / la suyatheirs

And the plural form:

los míos / las míasmine
los tuyos / las tuyasyours
los suyos / las suyashis, hers, its
los nuestros / las nuestrasours
los vuestros / las vuestrasyours
los suyos / las suyastheirs
How to express possession in Spanish visual large

That was today’s lesson about the possession in Spanish

Happy learning

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