Spanish Personal Pronouns

Spanish Personal Pronouns is one of the first basic lessons every Spanish learner must learn to talk about or describe anything, of course adding to that verbs, nouns, and adjectives to give complete sentences. So in this post, we will talk about personal pronouns in Spanish and provide some brief explanations.

Spanish Personal Pronouns
You (singular)
We (masculine)Nosotros
We (feminine)Nosotras
You (plural, masc)Vosotros
You (plural, fem)Vosotras
They (Masculine)Ellos
They (feminine)Ellas

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  • There is no “it“, every Spanish word has a gender, so it is either “él” or “ella“.
  • They: If we’re talking about a group of males we use “ellos“, for females we say “ellas“, and for a group of a mix of genders, we use also “ellos
  • We: there are two forms: nosotros and nosotras ; nosotros for a group of males or a mix of genders, and nosotras for a group of females
  • The pronoun “vos” (you singular) is mainly used in Argentina
  • is used for casual situations (informal), like friends, family members or a kid for example.
  • Usted is the formal and more polite way of addressing others.
Spanish Personal Pronouns

Happy learning!

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