Lingualid is a multilingual website created by Oualid Cheddadi (who is just like you, a language lover), it contains a language blog and an online store dedicated to language-related products.

Our mission is to inspire independent language learners, wherever they are and whatever language they’re learning.

The name Lingualid is a combination of the words “língua” (language in Portuguese) and “Lid” (the last three letters of my name Oualid) easy right?

Yes, Oualid but.. before being “all about languages” tell us how it all began?

You know when your friends figure out you speak several languages (all they need is two lol) they start asking how to learn a language, and you start answering each and everyone the same answer (with minor tweaks) the same happened to me, but “luckily” I was lazy, so I wrote a Facebook post about it, and whenever someone asks me I send them the link.

Later on, I knew more friends (from different countries), and many of them didn’t have Facebook, so I created the blog to publish one single post (in four languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, and Portuguese)

I thought I was done, just send the link to your friends when they ask you hahaha but nope, more questions, more blog posts, … back to the present day:

Language community

4 Language courses (adding more)

4 Memrise courses

Let me tell you about the courses briefly: I try my best to give you as little amount of grammar as possible so you can know the structure and how the language works, and then give you the top 1000 used words categorized; so you can start building sentences, and all that with audio, you’re not supposed to learn all the vocabulary that I give you by heart, chose what you need, and for the rest, do like me and Messi: dribble them and aim for the goal that is making the language your own and speaking it, GOAT things, for this you can call me: Messi of languages.

This is how Lingualid became:


And the best is yet to come! و مازال الخير

Happy learning!

Oualid enjoying a cup of tea
This is me, enjoying a cup of tea and probably laughing at my own jokes.

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