Basic Portuguese Phrases in brazilian portuguese

Basic Portuguese Phrases

In this lesson, we will talk about basic Portuguese phrases that we use in daily life, different ways of greetings, and a set of survival phrases to get you understood. Let’s get started! Basic Portuguese Phrases You probably know “Olá!” and “Tudo bem??”, but Portuguese speakers don’t use only those, there are different greetings used …

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imperative in Portuguese - The Definitive Guide in brazilian portuguese

Imperative In Portuguese

In this lesson, we will talk about the imperative in Portuguese, and how to use it in both formal and informal forms. The imperative (also known as command) is the tense used when we want to give an order, or recommend or request something, and in Portuguese, it’s formed easily by replacing the endings “ar, …

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Prepositions in brazilian portuguese

Portuguese Prepositions

In this lesson, we will talk about the most common Portuguese Prepositions, their usage, followed by examples. Portuguese Prepositions Prepositions are used to indicate the position of the noun in time or space, they can be formed of a single word or more than one, let’s look at this list: Portuguese English a/para to acima …

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