Introduce Yourself In Moroccan Arabic

In this lesson, we will talk about how to introduce yourself in Moroccan Arabic (with audio) and have an icebreaker into your first-ever Darija dialogue. You’ll learn how to ask someone about their name, age, nationality, and work, let’s get started!

Introduce Yourself In Moroccan Arabic

Introduce Yourself In Moroccan Arabic

EnglishTranscribed Moroccan ArabicUsing Arabic Alphabet
What’s your name?Shnu smitek?شنو سميتك؟
My name is…Smiti…سميتي…
My name is OualidSmiti Oualidسميتي وليد
Where are you from?Mnin nta? ( addressing a male)
Mnin nti? (addressing a female)
منين نتا؟ / منين نتي؟
I’m from…Ana men…أنا من…
I’m from MoroccoAna men lmaghribأنا من المغرب
What’s your nationality?Shnu hiya ljinsiya dyalek?شنو هي الجنسية ديالك؟
I’m …Ana…أنا…
I’m MoroccanAna maghribiأنا مغربي
Where were you born?Fin tzaditi?فين تزاديتي؟
I was born in…Tzadit f …تزاديت ف …
I was born in Nador, MoroccoTzadit f Nador, lmaghribتزاديت ف الناظور، المغرب
How old are you?Shhal f 3emrek?شحال ف عمرك؟
I’m… years old3endi … 3am (lit. I have … years)عندي … عام
Where do you live?Fin kat3ish? / kat3ishi?فين كتعيش؟ / كتعيشي؟
I live in …Kan3ish f …كنعيش ف …
I live in NadorKan3ish f Nadorكنعيش ف الناظور
What’s your job?Fash kheddam/ kheddama?فاش خدام؟ / خدامة؟
Do you work or study?Wash katkhdem wla katqra? (m)
Wash katkhdmi wla katqray? (f)
واش كتخدم ولا كتقرا؟
I workKankhdemكنخدم
I studyKanqraكنقرا
I work and studyKankhdem w kanqraكنخدم و كنقرا
What do you study?Shnu katqra?(m) /katqray? (f)شنو كتقرا؟/ كتقراي؟
What do you work?Shnu katkhdem? (m)
Shnu katkhdmi? (f)
شنو كتخدم؟/ شنو كتخدمي؟
I work in a companyKankhdem f sharikaكنخدم فشركة
I’m a lawyerAna mohami (m) / mohamiya (f)أنا محامي / محامية
I’m unemployedAna makheddamsh / makheddamashأنا ماخدامش / ماخداماش
I’m a studentAna talib (m) / taliba (f)أنا طالب / طالبة
I study ChemistryKanqra lkimyaكنقرا الكيمياء
I study at collegeKanqra f la facكنقرا فلافاك
Are you married?Wash nta mzewej? (addressing a male)
Wash nti mzewja? (adressing a female)
واش نتا مزوج؟ / واش نتي مزوجة؟
I’m marriedAna mzewej (m) / ana mzewja (f)أنا مزوج / أنا مزوجة
I’m not marriedAna mamzewejsh / ana mamzewjashأنا مامزوجش / أنا مامزوجاش
Nice to meet youMetsherrfinمتشرفين

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