Greetings In Moroccan Arabic

In this lesson, we will learn how to greet people and respond to greetings in Moroccan Arabic (with audio), and different ways of greetings throughout the day.

Greetings In Moroccan Arabic

You probably know “assalam aleykum” and “kidayer?”, but Moroccan Arabic speakers don’t use only those, there are different greetings used in different situations throughout the day, learning them will expand your vocabulary and make you sound more natural while speaking Darija.

Note: you can practice what you’ve learned here, and learn how to pronounce each of the words in our Memrise course here, don’t know how to use the platform or sign up? we’ve got you covered in this easy-to-follow tutorial here.

EnglishTranscribed Moroccan ArabicUsing Arabic Alphabet
Peace be upon youAssalam aleykum (can be shortened to salam)السلام عليكم
Peace be upon you, tooWa aleykum ssalamوعليكم السلام
Good morningSbah lkhir / Sbah nur (nur=light)صباح الخير / صباح النور
Good eveningMsa lkhir / Msa nurمسا الخير/ مسا النور
Good night (before sleep)Tesbah ala khir (addressing a male) / Tsebhi ala khir (addressing a female)تصبح على خير / تصبحي على خير
How are you doing?Kidayr? (Addressing a male) Kidayra? (Addressing a female)كيداير؟ / كيدايرا؟
Are you alright?Labas? / Labas 3lik?لباس؟ / لباس عليك؟
Are you good?Rak mzyan? (adressing a male) / Raki mzyana? (adressing a female)راك مزيان؟ / راكي مزيانة؟
Are you good?Rak bikhir? (addresing a male) / Raki bikhir? (addressing a female)راك بيخير؟ / راكي بيخير؟
I am fine, thank God.Labas hamdulillahلاباس الحمد لله
And you?W nta? (Addressing a male) W nti? (Addressing a female)و نتا؟ / و نتي؟
How is the family?Kidayra l3a2ila?كيدايرا العائلة؟
The kids are good?Lwlidat bikhir?الوليدات بيخير؟
Everything is fine.Kolshi bikhir/ kolshi mzyanكلشي بِخير / كلشي مزيان
Thank GodHamdulillahالحمد لله
Thank youShukranشكرا
May God protect you.Allah ihafdek / Rabbi ikhallik (the Moroccan way of saying “thank you”)الله يحفظك / ربي يخليك
Have a blessed day.Nharek mbrukنهارك مبروك
God willing.Inshallahإن شاء الله
God bless you.Baraka Allaho fikبارك الله فيك
What’s up?Ash kat3awd? (Addressing a male) Ash kat3awdi? (Addressing a female)أش كتعاود؟ أش كتعاودي؟
Long time no see/ it’s been a whileMudda hadiمدة هادي
How’s your day?Kighadi nharek?كيغادي نهارك؟
Good to see you3ash men shafek (literally: alive the one who see you)عاش من شافك
How are things going?Kighadya l omor?كيغاديا الأمور
Any news?Shi jadid?شي جديد؟
We will meet tomorrowNetlaqaw gheddaنتلاقاو غدا
See you tomorrow.Netshawfo gheddaنتشاوفو غدا

Note that in both cases, Moroccans will still say “hamdulillah” if asked

Greetings in Moroccan Arabic Darija

Happy learning!

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