How To Tell The Time In Moroccan Arabic

In this lesson, we will talk about how to tell the time in Moroccan Arabic (with audio), it’s one of the skills that we practice daily in our conversations, so we will see how to talk about time, how to say o’clock, quarter to, and more, let’s get started!

how to tell the time In Moroccan Arabic

How To Tell The Time In Moroccan Arabic

To tell the time, you can use one of the two ways:

  • Raha (it is -feminine) + the definite article: Raha lkhamsa (it’s five)
  • Hadi (demonstrative feminine pronoun) + the definite article + the appropriate number: hadi lkhamsa ( it’s five)

As we have seen in the lesson about the definite article, for 1:00, 5:00, 10:00, and 11:00 we will use L , for the rest we will double the first letter.

Note: o’clock in Darija is “nishan/waqfa/pil” but you may just say the hour without it, so lkhamsa nishan and lkhamsa are both correct.


EnglishTranscribed Moroccan ArabicUsing Arabic Alphabet
it’s one o’clockraha lwehda/ hadi lwehdaراها الوحدة
it’s two o’clockraha jjujراها الجوج
it’s three o’clockraha ttlataراها التلاتة
it’s four o’clockraha rrb3aراها الربعة
it’s five o’clockraha lkhamsaراها الخمسة
it’s six o’clockraha ssettaراها الستة
it’s seven o’clockraha sseb3aراها السبعة
it’s eight o’clockraha ttmanyaراها التمنية
it’s nine o’clockraha ttes3aراها التسعة
it’s ten o’clockraha l3eshraراها العشرة
it’s eleven o’clockraha l7dashراها الحضاش
it’s twelve o’clockraha ttnashراها الطناش

Note: you can practice what you’ve learned here, and learn how to pronounce each of the words in our Memrise course here, don’t know how to use the platform or sign up? we’ve got you covered in this easy-to-follow tutorial here.

Useful Darija Vocabulary About Time

Sh7al sa3a? what time is it? شحال الساعة؟

A quarter past.. : … w rba3 (…و ربع)

3:15 : ttlata w rba3

A quarter to … :   …qel rba3 (…قل ربع)

5:45 ssetta qel rba3 (الستة قل ربع)

And.. : w/o (و)

At… : m3a.. (مع..)

At 5 : m3a lkhamsa (مع الخمسة)

Before :  qel قل

Five minutes : qsm قسم

Half : ness نص

Half an hour : ness sa3a نص ساعة

11:30 l7dash w ness الحضاش و نص

Hour : sa3a ساعة

Hours : swaye3 سوايع

Minute : dqiqa دقيقة

Minutes : dqayeq دقايق

Quarter : rba3 ربع

Second : taniya تانية

Seconds : tawani تواني

Ten minutes : qesmayn قسمين

Note: Don’t get overwhelmed by these words, knowing them will make you seem more “Moroccan” but you can also say “raha ttnash w 3eshra” (12:10) instead of “raha ttnash w qesmayn” (I do that too!) start with the quarter for now.

Parts of the day:

Sbah : morning الصباح

… am :  .. dyal ssbah ديال الصباح

10:00 am : l3eshra dyal ssbah العشرة ديال الصباح

You can use dyal ssbah from sunrise to 12 pm

L3shiya : the afternoon العشية

1:00 pm : lwehda dyal l3shiya الوحدة ديال العشية

Use dyal l3shiya from 1 pm to sunset.

Lil: night الليل

…pm : … dyal lil ديال الليل

9:00 pm : ttes3a dyal lil التسعة ديال الليل

You can use dyal lil from sunset to sunrise

Happy learning!

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