Loanwords In Moroccan Arabic

In this lesson, we will talk about the loanwords in Moroccan Arabic, which Darija borrowed from other languages, such as French and Spanish, so if you already know one or both, this one is for you.

Loanwords In Moroccan Arabic

Spanish Loanwords In Moroccan Arabic

Blasa بلاصة (ES plaza) place

Bocadio بوكاديو (ES bocadillo) sandwich, which is also used

Cama كامة  (ES cama) bed, only used in the north

Fabor فابور (ES favor) used to say «for free»

Factura فاكتورة (ES factura) the bill

Falso فالصو (ES falso) false/not original

Fishta فيشطة (ES fiesta) ceremony

Fondoفوندو   (ES fondo) bottom of the swimming pool or the sea

Karrosa كروسة (ES carroza) trolley

Kumir  كومير (ES comer) to eat in Spanish but Moroccan use the word kumir for the Parisian bread

Kurda كوردة  (ES cuerda) rope

Kuzinaكوزينة  (ES cocina) kitchen

Manta مانطة  (ES manta) blanket

Mario ماريو (ES el almario) the closet

Playa بلايا  (ES Playa) beach

Rwida رويضة  (ES Rueda) wheel

Semana سيمانة  (ES Semana) week

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French Loanwords In Moroccan Arabic

Bakiya باكية (FR paquet) package

Banka بانكة (FR banque) bank

Batoباطو  (FR bateau)

Bertma برطمة (FR appartement) apartement

Beshklita بشكليطة (FR bicyclette) bike

Bolis بوليس (FR police) police

Bombiya بومبية (Fr pompiers) firefighters

Brika بريكة  (FR briquet) lighter

Bwata بواطة (FR boite) box

Formaj فرماج (FR fromage) cheese

Forshita فورشيطة (FR fourchette) fork

Garaj جاراج (FR garage)

Grafata كرافاطة (FR cravate) tie

Lagar لاغار (FR la gare) train station

Lbosta لبوسطة (la poste) the poste office

Plakar بلاكار (FR placard) cupboard

Rompwan رمبوان (FR rondpoint) traffic circle

Sbitarسبيطار  (FR hôpital) hospital

Serbita سربيتة (FR serviette) napkin

Tabla طابلة (FR table) table

Telefon تيليفون (FR téléphone) telephone

Tilifision تيليفيزيون (FR télévision) television

Tobisطوبيس   (FR autobus) bus

Tomobil/tonobil طوموبيل/طونوبيل  (FR automobile) car

Tranتران  (train) train

Zizwar زيزوار (FR rasoir) shaver

These were some of the many words that Darija borrowed from Spanish and French, some that we have already seen before in the nouns list, if you know other ones, feel free to comment them below.

Happy learning!

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