The Definite Article In Moroccan Arabic

In this lesson, we will talk about the definite article in Moroccan Arabic.

The definite article in Darija is “L” it’s the same article used in Modern Standard Arabic “AL” but without “A”, and we use it for masculine and feminine, in both singular and plural.

Definite Article In Moroccan Arabic

The Definite Article In Moroccan Arabic

We have two categories of definite words in Moroccan Arabic: Moon letters (also called Lunar letters) and Sun letters (also called Solar letters)

Lhorof sh-shamsiya الحروف الشمسية (solar letters)

Lhorof lqamariya الحروف القمرية (lunar letters)

  • Moon: qamar قمر / The moon lqamar
  • Sun: shms شمس / The sun sh-shms

Did you notice how lqamar has a definite article and sh-shms doesn’t? that’s the rule that lunar and solar letters will follow.

Definite Words Starting With Solar Letters

The solar letters in Darija are: D, J, L, N, R, S, Sh, T, Z (unlike in MSA, J is solar in Moroccan Arabic)

As in sh-shms, words that start with a solar letter don’t need the definite article “L”, we just double the letter, for example:

Sa3a (watch), the watch: ssa3a

Sebbat (shoes), the shoes: ssebbat

Telefon (phone), the phone: ttelefon

Rjel (foot), the foot: rrjel

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Definite Words Starting With Lunar Letters

The Lunar letters are the rest of the alphabet.

Like lqamar, words starting with a lunar letter will require us to add “L” in their definite form, for example:

Bab (door), the door: Lbab

Qamija (shirt), the shirt: Lqamija

Yed (hand), the hand: Lyed

Ktab (book), the book: Lktab

The Indefinite Form In Moroccan Arabic

To give the indefinite form in Darija, we use the following formula: indefinite form= wahed (one) + definite form.

For example:

A watch: wahed ssa3a

A phone: wahed ttelefon

A door: wahed lbab

A hand: wahed lyed

A book: wahed lktab

Note: wahed is used for both masculine and feminine

Practice giving the definite and indefinite forms with the list of the nouns given in this post.

Happy learning!

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