How To Introduce Yourself In French – Beginners Guide

In this lesson, we will talk about how to introduce yourself in French (with audio) and have your first-ever French conversation. You’ll learn how to ask someone about their name, age, nationality, and work, let’s get started!

how to introduce yourself in french

Introduce Yourself In French

What’s your name?Comment tu t’appelles ? (informal)
My name is…Je m’appelle…
My name is OualidJe m’appelle Oualid
Where are you from?D’où tu viens ?
I’m from…Je viens de…
I’m from MoroccoJe viens du Maroc
What’s your nationality?Quelle est ta nationalité? (informal)
I’m …Je suis…
I’m MoroccanJe suis marocain
Where were you born?Tu es né où ?
I was born in…Je suis né à…
I was born in Nador, MoroccoJe suis né à Nador, Maroc
How old are you?Tu as quel âge ? / quel âge as-tu ?
I’m… years oldJ’ai… ans
Where do you live?où vis-tu ?
I live in …Je vis à…
I live in NadorJe vis à Nador
What’s your job?C’est quoi ton travail?
Do you work or study?Tu travailles ou tu étudies ?
I workJe travaille
I studyJ’étudie
I work and studyJe travaille et j’étudie
What do you study?Qu’est-ce que tu étudies ?
I work in a companyJe travaille dans une entreprise
I’m a lawyerJe suis avocat
I’m unemployedJe suis chômeur
I’m a studentJe suis un étudiant
I study ChemistryJ’étudie la chimie
I study at collegeJ’étudie au collège
Are you married?Tu es marié / mariée?
I’m marriedJe suis marié / mariée (female)
I’m not marriedJe ne suis pas marié
Nice to meet youRavi de te connaître

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