Imperative In Portuguese

In this lesson, we will talk about the imperative in Portuguese, and how to use it in both formal and informal forms.

imperative in Portuguese - The Definitive Guide in brazilian portuguese

The imperative (also known as command) is the tense used when we want to give an order, or recommend or request something, and in Portuguese, it’s formed easily by replacing the endings “ar, er, ir” with the appropriate ending, look at the following tables:

Verbs ending with AR

Pronounimperative ending
Você (you)-e
Nós (we)-emos
Vocês (you plural)-em

Example: Estudar (to study):

Você (you)estude
Nós (we)estudemos
Vocês (you plural)estudem

Example: Falar (to speak)

Você (you)fale
Nós (we)falemos
Vocês (you plural)falem

Verbs ending with ER

Pronounimperative ending
Você (you)-a
Nós (we)-amos
Vocês (you plural)-am

Example: aprender (to learn)

Você (you)aprenda
Nós (we)aprendamos
Vocês (you plural)aprendam

Example: comer (to eat)

Você (you)coma
Nós (we)comamos
Vocês (you plural)comam

Verbs ending with IR

Pronounimperative ending
Você (you)-a
Nós (we)-amos
Vocês (you plural)-am

Example: decidir (to decide)

Você (you)decida
Nós (we)decidamos
Vocês (you plural)decidam

Example: partir (to leave)

Você (you)parta
Nós (we)partamos
Vocês (you plural)partam

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The Negative Form Of The Imperative

To use the imperative in its negative form, put the word “Não” (no) in front of the verb: fale/ não fale

That was the formal way of the imperative, you may get confused if chatting with a Brazilian friend online for example, as they easily use the present tense to express it, so instead of “fale comigo! – talk to me!” you’ll hear “fala comigo!” another thing, to say “falamos amanhã – let’s talk tomorrow” they’ll mostly say “vamos falar amanhã”

Imperative in Portuguese visual

Happy learning!

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