How To Learn Languages in An Easy And Fun Way

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Today I’m gonna talk to you about how to learn languages in an easy and fun way 😉

#how to learn a language?

What shall I do before starting?

First, learn about the language, its use, varieties, story, its relation with other languages, and surely with the one(s) you know, everything! see when you like someone and you start to do your own investigations? it’s the same?
Back to our subject, here you’ll start to fall in love, and with love, you will forget hard things (grammar .. ?) then it will become easier for you to learn?

When you learn about that, talking for example about French, you’ll know that French shares many many words with other languages that you may already know, so you have to learn that first.
learn the cognates between them like: azucar – Sugar – sucre – assukar (Spanish -English -french – Arabic) and also false friends (words that seem to be similar or identical but have different meanings).

In this way, you’ll start with a big quantity of words that you already know and that will give you confidence 😉
After that learn the most used adjectives, nouns, verbs (infinitive),
Learn them in sentences to learn the structure and to have an idea about how the language works simultaneously.

For conjugation, start with I and You in the present, to handle a little conversation, we don’t need to talk about other people at first right?
then learn “I’m going to”, “I just did” to start talking about things in the future and the past in a simple way.

Here you know the basics, you have to make use of them, try to text native speakers with a translator always on, so you can translate every word you don’t know, and listen to its pronunciation, as you keep doing that , the number of words you know will increase and later you won’t be needing to translate 😉

Use Language Exchange groups on Facebook or apps like Hello Talk (link below) to find native speakers.
You’re an English speaker wanting to learn French while a French speaker wants to learn English, you start practicing and teaching your languages to each other, that’s what Language Exchange stands for, easy right?

Listen to podcasts in your target language as much as you can, remember, the most important thing is to be able to communicate with people, and that comes after you get what they are saying 🙂

I use an app called Innovative, which contains many languages, you can learn by listening to podcasts, I never get bored of that haha, here is the link :

NOTE: the app gives you a 7 days trial, but hey I’m using it for about a year now haha coz in that free week, I downloaded more than 2 Go of mp3 and video lessons, you can do the same ???

And here is their Youtube channel , it’s a great one (when you open the link you will find channels in other languages ?)

I hope you like this post, send it to anyone who needs it 😀 and if you have any questions write them in the comments 🙂

(This article was originally posted in my Facebook profile in 2017, you can check it out here)

يمكنك قراءة المقال بالعربية من هنا

Happy learning!


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