Assimil Review: All You Need To Know


In this Assimil review, we’ll delve into the methodology, benefits, user experiences, and more to help you make an informed decision on your language learning journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assimil offers a unique and effective language learning method that emphasizes immersive audio-based learning, gradual progression, and comprehensive materials.
  • The courses cover a wide range of languages, including less commonly taught ones, providing options for learners with diverse language learning goals.
  • Assimil’s methodology focuses on developing accurate pronunciation, intonation, and listening skills through authentic audio recordings featuring native speakers.
  • Learners can benefit from the flexibility of self-study, allowing them to learn at their own pace and convenience.
  • Consistency, active listening, regular practice, and engagement with the provided exercises are key factors for maximizing the effectiveness of Assimil and achieving language proficiency.

What is Assimil?

Assimil, short for “Assimilation,” is a language learning method developed by Alphonse Chérel in 1929. The core philosophy behind Assimil is the assimilation of a new language through gradual exposure to authentic materials and immersive exercises. By mimicking the way children learn their native language, Assimil aims to make language acquisition a natural and intuitive process for adult learners.

History of Assimil

Assimil has a rich history that spans over nine decades. The method was initially developed to help French soldiers learn German during World War I. The success of this early experiment led to the creation of Assimil as a language learning method accessible to the general public. Since then, Assimil has expanded its range of languages and courses, catering to learners of various backgrounds and language pairs.

Assimil Methodology

The Assimil methodology is designed to foster gradual progress and active engagement in the language learning process. It consists of two main phases: the active phase and the passive phase.

Active Phase

During the active phase, learners focus on understanding and reproducing dialogues and sentences using contextual clues provided in the course materials. This phase encourages learners to actively participate in the learning process, allowing them to develop their speaking and writing skills.

Passive Phase

The passive phase follows the active phase and involves listening to native speakers through audio recordings while following along with the provided text. This phase enhances comprehension skills and helps learners internalize vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures naturally.

Gradual Progression

Assimil courses follow a gradual progression model, introducing new vocabulary and grammar concepts in a systematic manner. Each lesson builds upon previous knowledge, ensuring a solid foundation before moving on to more complex language elements.

Audio-based Learning

One of Assimil’s key strengths is its emphasis on audio-based learning. The audio recordings, featuring native speakers, enable learners to develop accurate pronunciation, intonation, and listening skills. This immersive approach creates an authentic language learning experience.

Assimil Courses and Languages

Assimil offers a vast range of courses, covering numerous language pairs. Whether you’re interested in learning Spanish, French, Japanese, or even niche languages like Hungarian or Swahili, Assimil likely has a course tailored to your needs.

Popular Courses

Assimil has gained popularity with courses like “Assimil French with Ease” and “Assimil Spanish with Ease.” These courses provide comprehensive materials, including textbooks, audio recordings, and exercises, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Wide Range of Languages

In addition to widely spoken languages, Assimil also offers courses for less commonly taught languages. Whether you’re planning to explore the intricacies of Arabic, delve into the beauty of Mandarin Chinese, or embark on a journey to learn Icelandic, Assimil has options to suit your language learning goals.

Assimil Review: Benefits

Choosing Assimil as your language learning companion comes with several notable benefits.

Effective Language Acquisition

Assimil’s methodology, centered around gradual immersion and audio-based learning, has proven to be highly effective. By following the course materials consistently, learners can develop a solid foundation in the target language and achieve conversational proficiency.

Natural Language Immersion

Assimil replicates the natural language learning process by exposing learners to authentic dialogues, narratives, and cultural nuances. This approach enables learners to immerse themselves in the language, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to the target language and culture.

Flexible Learning Approach

Assimil courses are designed for self-study, providing learners with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience. The comprehensive course materials, including audio recordings, dialogues, and exercises, facilitate independent learning and allow learners to tailor their study sessions according to their preferences.

Comprehensive Materials

Assimil offers well-structured and comprehensive materials that cover various aspects of language learning. From vocabulary and grammar exercises to cultural insights and practical dialogues, learners gain a holistic understanding of the language, equipping them with the skills needed for real-life communication.

How to Effectively Use Assimil: Maximizing Your Language Learning Journey

Assimil offers a powerful language learning method, but knowing how to effectively utilize it can significantly enhance your learning experience. By following these practical tips and strategies, you can make the most of your Assimil course and accelerate your language acquisition process.

Establish Clear Goals

Before starting your Assimil course, take some time to define your language learning goals. Whether you aim to achieve basic conversational skills or advanced proficiency, having clear objectives will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the learning journey.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is crucial when using Assimil. Dedicate regular study sessions to immerse yourself in the course materials and practice the exercises. Aim for daily practice, even if it’s just for a short duration, as it will reinforce your learning and improve retention.

Embrace Active Listening

During the active phase of Assimil, make an effort to actively listen to the audio recordings and repeat the dialogues and sentences out loud. Engaging in active listening exercises will improve your pronunciation, intonation, and overall oral skills.

Dive into Passive Phase Immersion

The passive phase of Assimil involves listening to native speakers while following along with the provided text. Maximize this phase by creating an immersive environment. Listen to the audio recordings during commutes, while doing household chores, or before going to bed. The more exposure you have, the more naturally you’ll absorb the language.

Practice Regularly

Supplement your Assimil course with additional language practice. Engage in conversation exchanges with native speakers, find language partners, or join language learning communities. Practicing what you’ve learned outside of the course materials will reinforce your skills and boost your confidence.

Review and Revise

Regularly review and revise the previously learned lessons to reinforce your knowledge. Assimil courses are designed to build upon previous lessons, so revisiting them will solidify your understanding and prevent forgetting.

Use the Provided Exercises

Assimil courses include various exercises to practice vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures. Take advantage of these exercises and complete them diligently. They will help reinforce what you’ve learned and improve your overall language skills.

Seek Clarification

If you encounter difficulties or have questions while using Assimil, don’t hesitate to seek clarification. Reach out to language forums, online communities, or even Assimil’s support channels. Getting answers to your queries will ensure a smoother learning process.

Stay Motivated and Enjoy the Journey

Learning a language takes time and effort, but it should also be an enjoyable experience. Stay motivated by setting milestones, rewarding yourself for achievements, and embracing the cultural aspects of the language you’re learning. Immerse yourself in the joy of language discovery and celebrate your progress along the way.

What Level Can You Reach with Assimil?

Assimil courses are designed to take learners from beginner to intermediate or even advanced levels of proficiency in their target language. By following the comprehensive materials and engaging with the audio recordings, learners can develop a solid foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills.

While the exact level one can reach with Assimil depends on various factors such as language complexity, prior language learning experience, and individual dedication to studying, many learners have reported achieving a conversational level and feeling confident in their ability to communicate with native speakers.

Assimil’s gradual progression model allows learners to build upon previously learned lessons, reinforcing knowledge and gradually expanding their language skills. By consistently practicing and immersing themselves in the course materials, learners can make significant progress and reach a level where they can engage in everyday conversations and comprehend authentic texts.

Assimil vs. Pimsleur: A Short Comparison

Assimil and Pimsleur are two popular language learning methods that employ different approaches to help learners acquire a new language. Here’s a brief comparison between the two:


  • Emphasizes immersive audio-based learning with gradual progression.
  • Provides comprehensive materials including textbooks, audio recordings, and exercises.
  • Focuses on developing accurate pronunciation, intonation, and listening skills.
  • Offers a wide range of languages, including less commonly taught ones.
  • Allows for self-study and flexibility in learning at your own pace.


  • Centers around audio-based learning with a focus on listening and speaking skills.
  • Utilizes spaced repetition to reinforce vocabulary and phrases.
  • Offers structured, 30-minute daily lessons.
  • Provides a limited range of languages compared to Assimil.
  • Primarily targets beginners and early intermediate learners.

Both Assimil and Pimsleur have their strengths and cater to different learning preferences. Assimil’s approach provides comprehensive materials and gradual progression, allowing learners to develop a strong foundation in the language. On the other hand, Pimsleur’s focus on listening and speaking skills, coupled with its structured daily lessons, appeals to those who prefer a more regimented approach.

When deciding between the two methods, it’s essential to consider your learning style, language goals, and preferences. Some learners may find value in combining elements of both methods or using them as supplementary resources alongside other language learning tools.

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Assimil vs. Other Language Learning Methods

Assimil distinguishes itself from other language learning methods through its emphasis on gradual progression, audio-based learning, and comprehensive materials. While each learner has unique preferences and learning styles, Assimil’s proven methodology and positive user experiences set it apart from the competition.

Assimil Review: Pros And Cons

Pros of AssimilCons of Assimil
Effective language acquisition through immersive learning.Limited emphasis on speaking and writing skills.
Gradual progression model builds a strong foundation.Some courses may lack advanced content for fluent speakers.
Audio-based learning enhances pronunciation and listening skills.Exercises may become repetitive or predictable over time.
Comprehensive materials cover vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects.Limited interactive elements and multimedia resources.
Suitable for self-study, offering flexibility and convenience.May not cater to all learning styles and preferences.
Wide range of languages available, including less commonly taught ones.Cost of courses can vary, and additional materials may be required.
Positive user experiences and success stories demonstrate its effectiveness.Requires self-discipline and consistent study habits.

Assimil provides numerous benefits, such as effective language acquisition, gradual progression, audio-based learning, and comprehensive materials. However, it may have limitations in terms of advanced content, interactivity, and catering to specific learning styles. Overall, Assimil’s strengths outweigh its drawbacks, making it a valuable tool for language learners.

Assimil review


As we have seen in this Assimil review, Assimil offers a tried-and-true method for language learners seeking an immersive and effective learning experience. With its focus on gradual progression, audio-based learning, and comprehensive materials, Assimil equips learners with the skills and confidence to communicate in their target language. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Assimil’s courses provide a valuable resource to help you unlock your language learning potential.

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