Persian Language Resources

Great Persian textbooks & courses for all levels

This is a wonderful collection of interesting stories in Persian, with vocabulary lists and comprehension questions.

A trustworthy resource for Persian grammar lessons and activities. The book is full of examples and is really a treasure to have as a Persian learner.

Assimil is a French company that creates small, portable coursebooks with bilingual dialogues, clear grammar explanations, and audio files completely in the target language.

With over 336 pages, Complete Modern Persian is for those readers looking for a comprehensive guide to help them immerse themselves in the Persian language.

Whether for pleasure, travel or business, language learners will find these lessons clear and easy to follow.

As an auditory learner, I’m a huge fan of the Pimsleur method, I’ve used it to learn Portuguese, and now to learn German.

Websites and Apps For Learning Persian

italki – $10 credits after your first lesson booking if you sign up here
Persian lessons 1 on 1 with a tutor of your choice, time and price range. There are Persian tutors from various Persian speaking areas if you want to learn a specific accent, too.

Memrise – a powerful app that’s been around for a while. Memory-based learning at its best (I mean, it was created by a memory master guy!) They recently added videos and better audio, too!

PersianPod 101 – This site is part of the “Innovative Languages” group of membership sites. Each language-specific site is a massive collection of audio and video lessons that cover all levels of language skill, though exactly what you get depends on your membership tier. The lessons come with extensive grammar explanations and cultural notes. The resources are fully downloadable, however you can also access them via browser or mobile device/app.

YouTube Channels To Learn Persian With

Learn Persian with – This is a great start to learn Persian, the channel contains a massive collection of videos about different topics

Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation – Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation teaches you conversational Persian (Farsi) in a fun and casual manner in lessons of about 15-20 minutes each.

Persian Learning – Almost all lessons here will focus on spoken Persian to enable you to communicate in real life.

persian language resources

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